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How an Accountant can Help Your Small Business

Running a small business can be highly rewarding, but at the same time it can be quite demanding and challenging mainly due to accounting and financial problems. Don’t make the typical mistake to assume you can do the work only because you’re good with numbers. Namely, an accountant wouldn’t just do your sums right but …

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The DIY business improvement audit

With the new year come the new year’s resolutions. As a business owner, you might resolve to become more prosperous: earn more, worry less. You can do an in-depth analysis, AKA a business improvement audit, without your accountant.

Working as a tax agent

The average working person might never have heard of a tax agent; you usually  don’t until you really needed one. You’ve heard of an accountant, a bookkeeper and even a debt collector. Tax agents work in a niche field and are invaluable sources of help when the time comes.