5 more amazing ideas about business improvement

In one of our previous blogs, we wrote about 5 excellent ways to improve your business. It’s done so well we decided to write a few more! The saying goes ‘there’s always room for improvement’.

Back to basics! Setting goals, both long and short-term, will keep the business on track. When you’re deciding of what goes to put on your agenda, make sure it’s SMART. As in, following this acronym:

  • specific – state clearly what you want to achieve
  • measurable – make sure you can evaluate success
  • achievable – check your objective is something you have the time and resources to meet
  • relevant – make sure your objectives improve profit drivers and improve some part of your business
  • timely – set a specific date for completion.


The Balance has 15 resources for short and long term goals suitable for any timeline. Whether it’s monthly, quarterly or annually, reviewing your progress over a set period will help you improve. Get into a rhythm of setting and checking on milestones early so it becomes a habit.

You want to have a business where the staff like to work. It’s where they’ll spend most of their week and you want to provide a welcoming and supportive environment where they feel valued. Not just as a puppet companies use to make money.

Hold in-staff competitions where everyone can participate, with a small prize at the end. Provide opportunities to further their career in whatever sector you work. If they know what they’re working for, and working towards, they’ll give you their best performance.


  • Invest in process automation by us

Business process automation is nothing new and has massive benefits. For one, the communication time between customers and business owners is cut significantly. For example, clients can fill out forms online rather than on paper. These are then automatically sent to the relevant person in the business thanks to how the software is set up. There’s also automation for accounting, filing and other menial tasks that are done regularly.


  • Stalk other businesses

Business 101: see what the competition is doing. You look at these guys for inspiration…and to occasionally find out why they’re getting more customers, both new and returning. Become one of their social media and see who’s following them. Attend the same events they do if you can, to get familiar with their process and customer base.