Business Improvement

  • Business risk monitoring and minimisation;
  • Business process review and re-engineering (including automation of repetitive tasks);
  • Cloud computing advice and integration;
  • KPI monitoring and business intelligence;
  • Internal controls advice and design;
  • Data analytics and fraud detection;
  • Improve efficiency of your existing financial reporting systems; and
  • Assistance with procurement and implementation of a new financial reporting system;

Need a Microsoft Excel guru?

At Syndeo Group, we love everything Excel, to the extent that our director, Nicholas Barbouttis, is a self-confessed Excel addict.  He has based his career on helping clients and those who are willing to listen (and not listen) on utilising it to its full potential.

Process Automation Services
Do you wear multiple hats in your organisation?  Do you spend your day immersed in paperwork?  Are you missing out on lead generation, quality family time or a social life because of your work?

Business Improvement is easy with Syndeo!

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