Five excellent business improvement ideas

‘Business improvement’ is a niche with lots of little niches inside it. There’s so much advice out there on how to up your game and make your brand ‘boom’, that you don’t know what’s relevant. We’ve taken some of the best business improvement ideas and put them here.

  • Get us on your side

Syndeo Group’s business improvement services cater to small and medium businesses. Whether you own a small corner shop or a string of boutiques, we can handle the load. Our services include applying new reporting software (or updating your current system) so you’re getting correct reports. We also take care of monitoring the performance of your competitors, help minimise risk, and automate certain systems and tasks.

Business improvement services like this mean you’re updated and on time with tasks. You’ll receive true data around your money and see how you’re doing compared to that shop across the road. We can help you as little or as long as you need.


  • Focus on what you do best

What are you good at? Do you offer extra services that nobody buys or take you a long time to complete? It’s time to trim the frills. You’ll receive more repeat business and better reviews by doing only one (or a few) niche task and knocking it out of the park.


  • Take a course

Feel like your skills need updating? Wondering how to handle those social media accounts, or make changes to the services page on your website?

With Sydeo having taken over most of your financial tasks, you get time back to learn. If you own a coffee shop, take a course to keep up with those hipster baristas. Make your own jewellery? There’s design and production workshops out there!


  • Meet regularly

Both with your Syndeo accountant and your own team. Meet with your team at least once a week so you’re up to date with what they’re doing and how the business is performing. Plus, you’re encouraging open communication. Any mistakes, problems, or triumphs can be discussed and everyone will be on the same page. Business improvement starts with you, but it will spread rapidly amonst your staff when you show the initiative.


  • Make time for YOU

You’re a business owner, parent, sister, brother, cousin, or even a charity board member. You work hard but can’t be everything to everyone. It’s okay to take a break and decompress. You have competent staff who can do their jobs. Your reporting systems are automated. Financial experts are handling your books. Take that trip to the coast, the spa, or wherever and come back ready and raring to go.


After implementing these business improvement strategies, you won’t see results straight away, rather over time. Making small changes, improving on yourself and how you work with staff will bring welcome changes to both your business and lifestyle.