5 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Business Improvement

Business improvement is an annual occurrence for some companies and a once-in-a-blue-moon event for others. Bosses and owners spearhead the movement but it’s helpful if the employees know a few things about the process.


  • It’s a team effort

The boss can’t make the changes alone. It’s the team that brings the results. You were hired to do your job because you’re good at it. Hence, you’re the best person at making improvements in that area.

If you have a job in a small workplace, the business improvement process is going to be a lot more hands on. It’s normally in large corporations that head office makes changes and trickles them down to other departments.


  • Your role might change

With a reshuffle comes new responsibilities. Don’t see it as a bad thing. It means you’re trusted to take on the extra work.


  • You’ll get new systems

The accountant might slowly install new systems over the period of a few weeks. This includes billing, invoices, and payroll. Going paperless makes work easier, and the office greener.


  • Meetings will change

Haphazard ‘can you look at this’ meetings might change. Business improvement means overhauling the current system, aka uncoordinated meetings, in favour of something more cohesive. Larger team meetings, usually no more than ten minutes long at the beginning of the work morning


  • It’s not personal

If your boss points out things you should be doing differently, it’s hard not to take it personally. You might feel attacked and go on the defense. But remember that your boss has most likely had the same conversation with other people on staff.

If they’re pointing out what you can do differently, it’s hard not to see it as an attack on your work and how you’re doing it. But you don’t own the business. Your boss thinks you truly are the best person for the job, otherwise you wouldn’t have it. Try to see the one-on-one meetings as an opportunity for growth instead of criticism.


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