Five signs you’re looking at a dodgy bookkeeper

Finding a good bookkeeper is like finding a gold nugget; you have to dig to find one. Dodgy bookkeepers are a dollar a dozen. Syndeo Group’s bookkeepers have happy clients because they do their jobs right the first time, and all the other times after that. We get referrals because people love our work. If you’re not sure about that guy on Gumtree saying he’s a ‘top bookkeeper’, look at these five points and see if he makes the cut.

  • They’re not organised

Not being organised in life in general is a human trait, acceptable from time to time. In your job, with money, on the other hand? That’s a big red flag.

Your bookkeeper has a tidy office, meets you on time, and submits paperwork like clockwork. They’ll have more than one client, but they’ll always make time for you if there’s an issue or want a general update.


  • They ‘know everything’ about your business

This is a big, fat ‘no’. Every business is different and owners like to do things a particular way. There’s certain processes around paperwork and accounting that work for your business. The bookkeeper is supposed to learn it first and make suggestions if they think there’s room for improvement.


  • They avoid questions

Most of the time, especially in the beginning, they’re the ones asking the questions. Mostly it’s about what you do and why you need them. If the bookkeeper you’re interviewing avoids questions about financial procedures and past clients, it’s time to look elsewhere.


  • No certificate

Anyone with qualifications should display them loud and proud. It gives them credibility and it’s a definite way to say ‘I can handle whatever you need’.

Anyone in the accounting field is constantly learning. Software updates, market news, and other niche news fills inboxes daily. Accountants, bookkeepers, and the like must update their certifications when required.


  • That uneasy feeling

Your bookkeeper is around to help you, not belittle you or give off an unwelcoming vibe. Syndeo’s bookkeepers are people you can trust to handle the everyday finances and improve them over time. They communicate with clients regularly and won’t turn you away because they’re ‘too busy’.


Of course there’s other signs (like these) but this list will help you be on the lookout. A Syndeo Group bookkeeper knows their stuff; unlike that guy on Gumtree.