4 myths about your accountant, busted

Your accountant, and the accounting field in general, suffers from stereotyping, rumours, and Chinese whispers. Some of them are insulting, and normally it’s water off a duck’s back. However, we’ve decided to put these rumours to rest once and for all.

  • Accountants are boring

This is just mean. Your accountant is someone who deals with people 90% of the time. Because of this, they need good jokes, witty one-liners, and a penchant for good conversation. Who knows, they might even have a good restaurant recommendation!

Boring? Really?
  • Our maths skills ‘must be amazing!’

Numbers make up a decent chunk of an accountant’s life, but they don’t rule it. Your accountant is better-versed in tax law, financial software, and general analytics. How else can they chart and monitor trends in your business?

Someone more deserving of the ‘amazing at numbers’ image is anyone who works as a stockbroker or a mathematician.


  • Your accountant must spend all day in the office

Look back at point one: we don’t spend all day in the office, nor are we boring. Our office, though, might have a lovely river view.

People who work in an accounting firm will often go out to visit clients. They’ll even go through income tax returns at your home in the evening, after hours.


  • You only need to call your accountant at tax time

Accountants are valuable at any time of the year, not just when you need to take care of your tax return.

Business improvement services are often provided by your accountant. This includes installing and monitoring new financial assistance software, tracking KPIs, and producing reports on trends. Regular contact with your accountant will boost your profits and ease the stress of running your business.


Accountants aren’t boring, isolated people you only call once in awhile. We’re actually lots of fun to be around and can even visit you if it’s easier. We don’t have amazing maths skills, but we make up for that with amazing advice that helps with business improvement, leading to  greater profits and giving you more downtime.


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