Keeping your business on track during holidays

Running a business doesn’t mean sacrificing your holidays. Yes, you’re terrified everything is going to crash and burn while you’re away. But in reality? This isn’t going to happen if you’re prepared. So put your apron on and bake those Christmas treats with abandon, because you’ve done these things before taking some leave.

Have prep meetings
Preparing early means you won’t have anxiety later. The month before your holiday, just at a general meeting, advise your staff about the rules around holidays. If you’re running a retail business you might not close except for major holidays. Agencies and other sorts of corporate offices have different policies. Make it known who’s taking holiday leave when so nobody is left in the lurch.

Preparation is key

Let your clients know
Email blasts might go in their junk folder but this is a task that at least lets clients know what’s happening.

An ‘away for holidays’ email should include dates, contact details and a wish for them to have good holidays. It’s good to be informative and polite!

Train the employees
Senior staff are better equipped to handle matters while the owner is away. Have a few days or even a couple of hours to train them in what you would normally do. This includes closing procedures, emailing the bookkeeper/accountant, trips to the bank, and client interaction.

Set yourself some boundaries
It’s meant to be a holiday, not working from home. You can trust your staff after giving them the right training. You’ve sent out the ‘away for holidays’ email to customers on your mailing list.

As the business owner, it’s impossible to totally disconnect and nobody expects you to. But it’s not fair on yourself or your family to be checking in every hour. Call once or twice during your time off to check how things are going. Look at emails only once a day instead of a hundred times.

This isn’t anyone’s idea of relaxing

Automate what you can
Your accountant can help you automate whatever systems need it, like payroll. Automated accounts processes save time and grief reminding people to pay what’s due. This business improvement measure helps those who use it to track spending and profits, and it sends out invoices.


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