Preparing for times of uncertainty

Some practical questions to ask yourself during times of uncertainty.

  • Do I have a current household budget? Do I need to consider reducing discretionary spending?
  • Is my will up to date? Please note that when you get married, your existing will becomes void.
  • Are my financial and taxation affairs in order?
  • Do I have any associates listed as authorised contacts on my essential services, should I not be in a position to communicate (e.g. private health insurer or Centrelink)
  • Do I have appropriate insurances in place?
  • Is my household/business reliant on a key person to generate income? What will I do if this person is not available for a period of time?
  • Do I have a business continuity/disaster recovery plan in place?
  • Is it practical for my employees to work from home? If so, is the environment in which they are working safe and suitable? You will still need to comply with worker’s compensation laws.
  • Do I have appropriate cyber security protocols in place?
  • What are my savings habits? Am I spending too much of my income?
  • What are my spending habits? Can I buy smarter?

Contact us today if you need assistance working through these practical questions.