Having a holiday from your small business, without the stress

Australians love to kick back, chill, and take a holiday or two (or five). Unfortunately, some small business owners don’t feel they can risk that luxury. They fear their business could crumble and their customers could take their business elsewhere. But we are here to tell you that unless your service is one-star and you’re leaking money like a rusty tap, neither of these things will happen. Here’s what you can do for a low-fuss Easter/Christmas/long-weekend break.


  • Announce the break period

Do this everywhere so customers and suppliers are aware the business is closed, or will have minimal staff. Put a print-out in your shop window and set up an automatic email response in case anyone contacts you.


  • Automate payroll

If you haven’t by now, definitely set up an automatic payroll. Syndeo connect small business owners with Xero advisors who can install and maintain the system for you. The best part about the software is that it operates on a cloud system; anyone from you to the accountant can access it at any time. Insert employees, hours, wages and benefits, and set and forget (for a little bit).


  • Re-evaluate goals

This step is more appropriate towards Christmas or the end of the financial year. Take stock of your sales, losses, bestsellers, and other aspects of your business. What can you improve? What can you cut out?

Get the team involved so everyone is on the same page


Your future goals could include; gaining X amount of new contacts, making enough money for a new space, or to increase turnover. Take the time to think about where your business is going, and if it’s growing the way you want it to.


  • Tie up loose ends

Nobody likes to be left hanging, so answer those last minute emails and pay those invoices. This equals less debt for you to return to when work starts again


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