Why our bookkeepers around Woolloongabba are your new best friend

People who own businesses work as a bookkeeper for their own accounts after the shop closes. But after a long day it’s hard and, honestly, quite a nuisance to balance the books when you’re ready for the work day to be over. If you find yourself in this position as a tired business owner around the Woolloongabba area, our bookkeepers will help you out.


These guys do the maths so you can run your business and make it home in time for dinner. Our convenient location in Coorparoo is close to Woolloongabba, so Nick or any of the bookkeepers associated with Syndeo can visit you.


To work as a bookkeeper a person needs advanced maths skills, the ability to work with accounting software, and can communicate effectively . This last skill is just as important as the others. Your bookkeeper will ask questions about receipts, accounts payable/receivable, and scheduling so that everything gets paid on time. They’ll also work closely with any visiting accountants to go over the ledgers and collaborate on reports.


Bookkeepers have a list of tasks that must get completed daily. This can start with checking the mail for cheques, statements and the like, and faxing invoices. They reconcile accounts to make sure all the numbers are correct. This is vital when tax time rolls around and when you need to file your Business Activity Statements (BAS). Some bookkeepers will have BAS certification and do this for you at the end of every month.


Preparing regular reports is also a part of their job. You need to know how your business is performing and if there’s any aspect that needs improvement. Our bookkeepers will compile information about trends, loss, profit, and budget so you can stay on track.


Our bookkeepers in Woolloongabba, Stones Corner, and Coorparoo work for Syndeo but they’re on your team, too. You can take full control of your business and leave the accounts to the someone you can trust.