5 Tips to Save Money Fast

We all want to save money fast, but it’s much easier said than done. There are some simple ways however, that you can cut back on expenses without having to live off 2-minute noodles!

Daily Expenses

It might surprise you to learn how much you spend each day on little things, that you actually don’t need. Expenses you can cut back on include:

  • Coffee
  • Buying food out
  • Phone bill
  • Transportation
  • Chewing gum/mints
  • Choose deodorant over cologne/perfume


It sounds so simple, but it can be really tricky to cut back on food, especially because well, we can’t live without it. In saying that, there are little changes that can make a huge difference to your bank account:

  • Eat out less, make lunch at home for work
  • Choose cheaper brands of food
  • Set yourself a weekly budget and stick to it
  • Have group dinners with your friends


Transport can be expenses, especially if you are travelling every day. In particular, fuel is not cheap, so if you own a car, you can cut back by doing the following:

  • Buy a bike
  • Walk
  • Find out which is cheaper bus/train
  • Car Pool
  • Avoid Taxi’s
  • Source the cheapest fuel


Socialising and entertainment can be the most difficult thing to part with for some people. However, you don’t need to completely cut it out altogether, there are alternatives to your normal socialising options.

  • Host parties instead of going out to clubs
  • Attend free events
  • House-sit instead of choosing hotels
  • Invite friends over for lunch instead of going out for lunch

Things you don’t think of

  • Choose energy-saving options for everything
  • Buy in bulk
  • DIY
  • Research before making a final decision
  • Sell/rent your clothes
  • Set up a stall at the markets with old things you don’t need or want anymore