5 Tips to Avoid Common Bookkeeping Accounting Errors

Few business owners tend to be careful enough to have an eye on every accounting number, while others place it in the hands of their managers and bookkeepers. Bookkeeping is an area ripe for business improvementbut there is always scope for mistakes that should be avoided in all cases

Here in this guide, we are going to list down a few common mistakes:

1. Failure to frame a proper budget

The budget can either make or break your business; therefore, it should be set such that there is no room for errors to creep in. Correct budgeting also lets an owner have a clear idea about the profits and losses. Thus you need to get it right in order to reap the fruits of success.

2. Employee vs. contractors

Deciding between employee and contractors depend a lot on whether you want people assisting you for a long term or short term basis. Contractors are business owners themselves, and you pay according to the charges or agreements made between the two parties. In such cases, you do not have to worry about their staff, taxes, insurance, etc.; you only pay for the work done. On the contrary, when you employ staff as a member of your business, you have to consider various aspects.

3. Selection of the wrong candidate

You may find overwhelming options when it comes to picking a local Stones Corner bookkeeperbut finding someone who is the best fit for the job is very important. Bookkeepers are an expense to your business, so you need to be wise while making the selection.

4. Leaving things to the last minute

Documenting and organising work properly are of prime importance when it comes to filing taxes. Also, it is tempting enough to leave things for the end of the month to complete, but you are doing nothing other than piling up work on your head. So, get rid of such a habit and if you cannot do it yourself, consider connecting with a Stones Corner tax agent to help you out with your tax-related paper work.

5. Not having a separate business account

The inability to maintain a balance between professional and personal finances can be a reason for business downfall. When money earned from your business goes into a personal account, you may never come to know where all your money has gone. May it be for making online payments or swiping your card at the grocery shop, these expenses are actually being used up from your business money.  Such a situation will confuse your personal expenses and business expenses. Thus, it is mandatory to have separate accounts for business and domestic use.


Having a deep insight into the business finances is of utmost importance for every business owner to determine where they stand. Thus, hiring a Xero Adviser in Stones Corner who can help you traverse your business’s financial status can be a way out to cut down the stress and save money and time simultaneously.