5 Online Shopping Hacks to Save You Money!

Shopping online is a tricky one, some people love it and some people hate it. What if the clothes don’t fit? What if the toaster doesn’t work? What if the bed breaks? Online shopping can come with a whole lot of concerns. But for the many online shopping season campaigners, it’s all about being as tricky as possible and getting the best possible deals online. So, let’s have a look at a few cheeky tricks to make shopping online the cheaper option.

  1. Use chat boxes to ask for discounts!
    While not every website will have a discount for you, some might! So, give it a go and see what you get!
  2. Use “Honey” or similar sites. 
    The “Honey” plugin finds the best discount coupons for a given item and automatically applies it to your cart. Similar, different website will have a host of different discount codes you can try. Honey pretty much just shortens that process and makes it easier for you.
  3. Follow your favourite brands on social media! 
    If you follow your favourite brands and companies on social media, you’ll be able to stay up to date with all of their sales and discount codes.
  4. Follow Influencers and bloggers on social media! 
    Similar to number 3, if you follow bloggers and social media influencers, you will likely stumble across a fair few discount codes!
  5. Leave your items in the cart…
    This might sound strange if you’ve never experienced it, but sometimes if you leave your items in the cart for a little while, the company will email you with a discount code to try and get you to purchase.
  6. Register for discount codes! 
    When you first visit an online store they often have a “first time shopper” discount code, make use of it! If you have various email addresses, you may be able to use that code a few times if you use different emails. Similarly, sign up for mail, newsletters and deals and you’ll receive emails keeping you up to date with the latest deals!