4 Simple New Year’s Resolutions to get your finances in shape

New Years is all about new beginnings in your life. It’s a time to Look forward and set yourself up for higher goals and achievements. Finance has become a common topic for New Year’s resolutions and rightfully so. Contact Xero Adviser Coorparoo to keep your finances in ideal condition in preparation of a prosperous year. Resolutions will be closely connected to forward planning. When it comes to money, it is imperative to have strong planning. During this time of the year, planning your Christmas shop and parties will lead to an advantage in the new year.

Here is how we can start the New Year with the following financial resolutions:

1. Prepare a budget:

It is quite important to prepare a budget for the New Year. When you miss out on a budget or goal, you will not be able to determine if you have spent excessive money. When you build a budget, you can track cash available in hand and expenditures. You will also be able to decide how much revenue you must keep aside to keep your business growing. An effective budget will assess future business requirements. For businesses experiencing high expenses, it is ideal to review the budget weekly so that you may address any emergencies with ease. Get in touch with Business Improvement Coorparoo to prepare an effective and useful budget.

2. Shift to cloud and automate:

If you have not yet shifted to cloud for your accounting, it is time to make it happen in 2021. Cloud accounting offers you stronger flexibility and lets you automate several of your procedures. It will ensure that your business finances work optimally. Additionally, it will permit advisors and accountants to access vital reports and data from any corner of the world. It will help them offer you timely help.

3. Get a good cash flow:

Every business owner experiences a triple blow every quarter of the year. It includes superannuation, GST payment, and PAYG. It is ideal to open a distinct bank account and transfer money that will cover the GST payments, PAYG payments, and superannuation for staff. It will help you control and manage your cash flow apart from ensuring that you will meet your tax obligations sans any hassle. Talk to Accountant Stones Corner for generating an ideal cash flow.

4. Maintain a balance between your personal and business debt:

If you happen to be a business owner, there is a possibility that your personal debt and business debt may have intertwined at one point of time. You may have borrowed from your business for some personal use or may have used your home as collateral on a business loan. But, it is not an ideal situation. You must resolve in 2021 that you will separate your business and personal debt.


You may consider the above resolutions for the upcoming year to keep your finances in ideal condition. Also, you must enhance your financial literacy to get the most out of your business. Hire Tax Agent Stones Corner to boost your financial literacy. We all know that knowledge will increase your power and you will never regret investing in education. It is important to invest in your knowledge. If you want to achieve higher goals, it is crucial to take the benefit of new opportunities.